Shutting down soon

Hey everyone,

The information on this website may be out of date – use caution! The site will be removed soon!

I have decided to shut down this page very soon, for a couple of reasons. First of all, and most importantly, I’m not really doing canyons anymore. Mostly I’m just into other stuff right now. Primarily hiking, hiking, hiking, scrambling, and backpacking.

So because of this, I’m not really engaged with what is happening in the local canyons any longer. I don’t know what the flow is like, I don’t know how rappels have changed, and I don’t know how potential dangers have developed in various canyons. That means I don’t want to leave old information out on the internet to suck people into dangerous situations.

Probably the best concept in crowd-sourced information for running these canyons is ropewiki.comĀ – I’ve never been a user, myself, but if people report changes and challenges there, it would work well.

Much as IĀ dislike Facebook (I deleted my account there a few months ago) the Vancouver Canyoning group is probably the best way to meet up with local canyon folk, and get the quickest, most up-to-date reports on conditions. Of course, take everything there with a grain of salt! Not everyone on the internet is as knowledgeable as they purport to be!

Have fun!
Be safe!
Might see you on a trail…