Goldie Creek - August 2012

Goldie Creek - August 2012

Postby cirrus2000 » Fri Aug 10, 2012 4:35 pm

Last year, Jeff and I did most of Goldie Creek - or so we thought - exiting after the seventh rappel. Our long rope had got stuck on the pull from the second, long rappel, so we exited at a convenient spot to hike back up and retrieve it.

This year we returned, better prepared to make an anchor with an easier pull, and determined to complete the canyon. The water was much lower than last year, and made it less necessary to avoid the full flow on some of the drops. The lower flow also made it easier to set a better anchor at the long rap.

We ended up making about 11 or 12 rappels in total. There were a couple of dodgy, slippery downclimbs as well, plus a few nice, less dodgy ones. One spot, with a boulder anchor beside the water course, had a big pool at the end. Jeff rapped down and tested out the pool - it was nice and deep, and made for a great jump! The channel could be downclimbed carefully to a good stance, then the leap made.

We descended all the way to the bridge, Sasamat Lane, and walked up the road to the Baden-Powell Trail, and hiked that directly back to the car.

All in all, a great day - the canyon just kept on giving. I went back a week later with Fix and Colin, and (though the water was even lower!) had a great time again. A great technical canyon, in a super convenient location.

Photos/vid to follow.
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