Percy Creek - aborted! - June 2013

Percy Creek - aborted! - June 2013

Postby cirrus2000 » Tue Sep 03, 2013 5:27 pm

Jeff and I had been going through some canyon withdrawal (despite a trip to Utah in May) - it was time to get into some of the local flowing canyons! When we descended Percy last year, we found the flow to be very low, and wanted to try it in higher water.

So it was that on June 30, we headed into Percy Creek for an early season descent.

On the trail to the head of the creek, we were amazed at all the trees that had fallen, blocking the trail in places. When we entered the creek, there was more of the same - fallen trees all over the place!

The flow was higher than we'd anticipated, but not insurmountable. It did mean, though, that we had to avoid some downclimbing and rap instead. After a couple of rappels, and a couple of hours in the canyon, we found that our progress was seriously impeded by all the trees and debris. There were branches and limbs strewn about, and lots of loose footing. The canyon was not in any kind of pleasant shape!

We decided that the slow going would prevent us from getting through the canyon before dark - and more importantly, it just wasn't fun. We decided to exit the canyon to the west, and bushwhacked our way over toward Goldie Creek, paralleling it to the trail crossing at the standard drop in point, then back to the car.

Sad to say, it looks like Percy will be in no condition for a descent for some time - until some of the trees and debris clear out...

Here are a few photos. Unfortunately, no pics showing examples of the trees in the canyon...

An early downclimb:

Normally a downclimb in the waterfilled slot on the right, we rapped on the left this time:

Bottom of what is usually the first rappel:
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