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Mamquam River Canyon First Descent

PostPosted: Thu Jan 14, 2016 5:31 pm
by Matt Maddaloni
Mamquam River, Squamish BC, first descent August 2014.
Matt Maddaloni, Adrian Geue, Jimmy Martinello, Tim Emmett and Danger Dan Teztlaf.

Starting point: 49.719051, -123.021995
Finish point: 49.721127, -123.092585

Mostly an easy canyon with a few technical sections.

1) Big rappel off first waterfall below dam.
2) Committing swim across flat water but immediately above 100 foot cascading water fall, located about halfway down river.
3) 40 foot slide down wet slimy rock into river, just below 30 foot waterfall.
4) Committing jump and swim above 20 foot waterfall. (waterfall was swum over by Tim).
5) Final big rappel over 70 foot waterfall. (again Tim jumped!)

We did this river on extremely low water. I have been down parts before on slightly higher water and it can become extremely dangerous to near impossible.

Enjoy and keep your head up!