Box Creek - 17 July 2013

Box Creek - 17 July 2013

Postby cirrus2000 » Sat Jul 20, 2013 8:22 am

On July 17, Jeff, Fix and I descended Box Creek, on the west side of the Squamish River. Conditions were fantastic!

On the 16th, Jeff and I had crossed to the west side of the river, and hiked alongside Monmouth Creek to have a look at it. We decided that the water was just too high for our comfort level, but really enjoyed hiking beside the creek and viewing its features. We then camped down by our canoe alongside the Squamish River.

In the morning, we crossed the river back to town, and met Fix at Starbucks. After some coffee and chatting, we returned to the river, and crossed it once again. The river, by the way, was rather engorged. When we were crossing in the morning, the river was discharging about 360 cubic meters per second. This doesn't mean a lot (to me, at least) but I'm recording it here so I have a baseline to compare to for future trips...

We left the riverside at about 10 AM, and hiked up to the confluence of Box and Monmouth, then up Box Creek. We reached the bottom of the last waterfall, then turned right, up into the trees. Around 11, we reached the drop in point on the creek (after stumbling through a couple of wasps' nests on the way - be careful!) At 11:25, we were suited up and ready to go...

The canyon begins with a short log downclimb, then becomes an incredible collection of rappels and short walks in a magical location! This is one of the best canyons, with the most concentrated goodies I have seen - and definitely the best I've seen in BC so far.

After about 8 rappels, and 3.5 hours in the goods, we were out, exhilarated and amazed.

Unfortunately, I lost my point and shoot camera in the canyon (the lanyard abraded through, and it was gone from my harness when I reached the bottom...) so I don't have a whole lot of images to post. But I did manage to snag some captures off the GoPro video I took, so I'll link to my Picasa album of those.

We will be back in there very soon, and take detailed notes on the route and rappels, to post up some beta on the canyon.

Long story short: Incredible!
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