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Terepocki Creek - August 2012

PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2012 4:35 pm
by cirrus2000
Jeff and I managed to get back to Terepocki Creek earlier this week, Monday, August 6. Water level was quite a bit lower than last year, when we attempted to descend the canyon with Ilze. Last year we decided to exit after we saw the torrent going down the second rappel.

This year, we thought that the flow seemed very similar at the first rappel. However, when we reached the second, we could tell that it was much lower. We completed the upper technical section, then made the unfortunate hour or two boulder walk down canyon, and exited abeam our vehicle spot. The bushwhack through the old clearcut, in full wetsuits, was horrendous.

I would like to go back and complete the lower technical section, plus use a GPS to try find an easier, earlier exit back to the trailhead...

Here is some video from the canyon: