Three projects on Seymour...

Three projects on Seymour...

Postby cirrus2000 » Wed Feb 20, 2013 9:03 pm

I have had a bit of an obsession with Mount Seymour creeks, ever since I did the standard route down Goldie Creek in the fall of 2011. Actually, Jeff and I only got down the first half of the route before exiting – we had a stuck rope on the 30m rappel near the start, and wanted to get back up to it to pull it from the top, plus we weren’t sure whether our shorter rope would manage all the lower rappels. We climbed out after half a dozen rappels, and headed back up the rim.

In the summer of 2012, we went back and did the full route – then I did it twice more, once with my son and once with a couple more friends. But I had a good feeling about other drainages on the mountain, and wanted to try more. Jeff and I did some exploring, and descended Percy Creek, the next drainage beyond Goldie later in the summer. After that, we went higher up the mountain, and descended the upper part of Goldie – above the standard drop-in point. Percy was good – a fair bit of walking involved, but some really great waterfalls and downclimbs. Upper Goldie wasn’t as interesting, but worth exploring.
Now there are three drainages I want to look at further around the mountain – the next three main creeks: Shone Creek, Holmden Creek, and Coldwell Creek.

The trail that leaves the first switchback for Goldie Creek is the Lower Elsay Lake Trail. From Goldie Creek (at 313m), it continues counter-clockwise around the mountain, to cross Percy Creek at its exit point (240m). It then continues around, and crosses Shone Creek at 107m, Holmden Creek at 219m, and Coldwell Creek at 281m. I think this trail would be a great exit route from these three creeks, which really simplifies the logistics of descending them.

Here is a link showing the rough outline of the three creeks (three blue lines) and the point where the trail crosses each creek (the placemark at the lower end of each line.) I've also included the tracks for Goldie and Percy Creeks.
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