This website was first started, basically as an idea, a domain name, and a cheap hosting account, in the fall of 2011.  Nothing was really done with it until the summer of 2012, when the actual structure of the blog and forum were put into place.  Then nothing was done until early 2013, when the founder actually got around to telling somebody else about it.

The website is a spot where, it is hoped, people can come and learn about, talk about, and get excited about the canyons in British Columbia.  The plan is to have discussions on the forum, to publish beta on the blog, and to share news from the canyoneering community in both places.

The guy who started the joint, Kevin (me), would love to have people join up and share their thoughts and activities on the site.  As long as I am doing this, there will be no spam from the site, we will not sell anybody’s information to anyone else, and there will never be a collection taken, or donations solicited. This is simply a fun thing that I want to do to benefit those who like to play in the canyons.

So come on, look around, join in, and take part.  It’s your community, too – let’s make the most of it!


Founder and chief open-mouthed-smiler…