Preparing an anchor at the top of Swan Falls, on Trout Creek near Buntzen Lake

Early Season 2016 Update

Well, it looks like (after a late start) the canyon season is beginning to come into its own. We are finally starting to get some stretches of dry (drier?) weather, and creek levels are starting to subside to reasonable levels.

Just a few updates:

Box has been run a few times so far this year Рin fairly high flow, at times. There are some new anchors, specifically on the third and fourth rappels.  Some spots that were jumps and slides are now no longer. All deep pools have filled in with rocks Рbe very careful out there. The beta page has been updated very recently, but always exercise caution!

Cypress has seen a little bit of change this year as well. The logs that were jammed in the final rappel, below the scenic viewpoint, have been entirely swept away. This greatly simplifies the task of the first person on rappel, in ensuring that the rope follows the best path to the bottom, and also simplifies the rope pull – no chance of the rope hanging up on the way down. This is the first time that I have seen this rappel with no logs at all in the six or seven years I’ve been descending it!

In addition, keep in mind that in high flow, it may be hazardous to access the bolts for the third rappel. We are assessing whether to add a bolt further back to protect the approach, as at the first rappel. The same is true for the final rappel, which would remove the need to climb up and over the viewpoint platform to access that rappel.

Goldie Creek was descended recently by some friends, so anchors in there should be fresh. This creek, a fairly small drainage off of Mount Seymour, may be a good option a couple of days after rains, before some of the larger drainages have settled to reasonable levels.

Britannia continues to remain at fairly high levels, and some of the anchors have received significant damage. We hope to get in there soon, and look at rehabilitating the anchors… Stay tuned for more.

Monmouth should soon be reasonable to descend, especially with a week of two of drier weather approaching. It will be interesting to see how the thunderstorms in the area recently may alter that prognosis…

A couple of us descended Trout Creek / Swan Falls, at the top of Buntzen Lake this past weekend. I hope to have some beta posted on that here soon. The final waterfall sequence is challenging, but beautiful.

If you have any input, thoughts, comments, etc. please leave a comment here, or email!





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