Winter descent of Brothers Creek

On Wednesday, February 20, Kevin, Jeff and Fix went on a short trip through the lower part of Brothers Creek, descending the portion between the Crossover Trail, to just below the Skyline Trail. There was a lot of snow at the drop-in point (2077 feet), and some where we exited (1650 feet); we were also snowed on for the whole trip.

There were a couple of nice downclimbs shortly after the drop-in, followed by some nasty log jams.  just above the Skyline Trail, there was a really nice waterfall rappel.  We rigged it with a retrievable 2-ring webbing anchor off a tree on canyon left. A beautifully carved pothole was located at the bottom of the waterfall.

After passing below the Skyline Trail, there was a burly downclimb through a log jam, then we used a handline off a log to descent a short waterfall.  The gorge was fairly nice at this point, but we were a little chilly, and approaching private land, so we escaped up and to the left, passing below the powerlines to rejoin the Skyline Trail back to the car.

The creek wasn’t particularly special, but was a great winter’s day out in marginal weather, in fine company.  Hard to complain about that!


Full report is here!


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